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We offer electronic recycling and pickup for all types of devices

About Electronic Junk

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Load Up is a full-service junk removal company offering fast, friendly and responsible  Electronic  junk removal services to over 170 cities and surrounding areas nationwide

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission and our vales are to improve the method of junk or wastes.We are on a mission to empower Veteran business ownership. We believe in Respect, Integrity, and Trust. We follow the principles of hard work, dedication, and community service.

We Know Where to Recycle Electronics

Ali Junk removal takes your electronic waste to recycling facilities where the items are sorted, taken apart, and separated by type. Metal, glass, plastic, and other materials are recycled into new products while the parts that can’t be recycled are disposed of responsibly.

Respectful Service

We arrive when expected. We respect your time, your home and your belongings. We are licensed, where required, and fully insured

E-Waste Recycling We recycle electronic waste the right way

Unfortunately, it’s also producing a lot of waste. This is due to old electronics being tossed while they’re still functional. As a result, landfills are filling up fast. E-waste is made of materials that pose an environmental hazard when they’re disposed of improperly. JDog Junk Removal & Hauling works with facilities that recycle your old, unwanted devices.